Raspberry Pi and google assistant powered bot that reacts to your conversation. 

What / Who is Ewon? What can it do?
So before I started to work on this project I set some ground rules to be followed. This project had to be

  • Easy for everyone to try out
  • Not just about being cute but also be useful so it doesn’t end up in a shelf
  • Modular, so that you can keep adding new features.

After setting this rule I decided to use the Google Assistant SDK. This SDK provides a lot of features that I was looking for and if you get bored of Ewon you cab always use it as a Google Home device and do what a Google home does.

What Ewon will be doing is adding a character to the Google assistant. That is showing emotions and reacting to what the user says. Now it’s not just the voice you hear but you also get to see how to reacts.